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Class: Pyha PHP Dependency Injection Container Using Traits
Create objects injecting dependencies using traits
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What's dependency injection(DI)? ================================ Just look at the article and watch that awesome video: How do i register items(services)? ================================== If the class does not have any deps- just skip this step!!! First of all you have to register all dependencies, but keep in mind that: class App { // you can use this trait and implement getInjectables() // that returns associative array with named params that // could not be skipped or added with defined default values use Pyha\DI\Injectable; public function getInjectables() { return [ 'stringHere' => "hello world!" ]; } /** * @param string $stringHere */ public function __construct(AnyClassHere $thing, $stringHere) { } } class Foo { public function __construct(App $app) { } } class Bar extends Foo { } // i would like to get it via DI Factory class WeWannaGet { public function __construct(Bar $bar) { } } // in order to get this working we need... // // 1. register only top dependency Pyha\DI\Factory::getInstance()->register( new App(new AnyClassHere(), 'string here') ); // or Pyha\DI\Factory::getInstance()->register( Pyha\DI\Factory::getInstance()->get('App') ); // or (if app does not use injectable trait or do not get named param via getInjectables() method) Pyha\DI\Factory::getInstance()->register( Pyha\DI\Factory::getInstance()->get('App', ['stringHere' => "hello world!"]) ); // that u can use Pyha\DI\Factory::getInstance()->get('WeWannaGet'); // to get instance only once, just what an singleton does Pyha\DI\Factory::getInstance()->create('WeWannaGet'); // to create new instance each time To register aliases use addAlias() Factory method. NOTE: if as a service parameter to the register method is provided an object by default are registered several service aliases. This are: - All Interfaces names implemented - All parent classes from extension tree - All Traits used If you do not wannt to register this aliases, take a look at the method prototype: public function register($name, $service, $registerSelfAsAlias = true, $registerInterfacesAsAliases = true, $registerParentsAsAliases = true); Services ca be objects, closures, string(classes names) Loading Library =============== If you are not using Composer you may add to autoloader the lib path or even include the files manualy Installing via Composer ======================= To install it via composer just use following command: $ composer.phar install