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Hidden objects adds html

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Subject:Hidden objects adds html
Summary:Hidden object adds <tr></tr><tr></tr> for every hidden field
Date:2005-10-27 21:11:44

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Picture of Martin Martin - 2005-10-27 21:11:44
Hello Bulent Tezcan

I must start with, advanced forms is a really great utility, and I use it a lot :-)

Sorry but I cant say its absolut perfect, but I can say its almost perfect :-)

The only thing I can see where there is a problem are when you use
<input type='hidden' value=xxx>

I will post an example here:

<input class="formButton" type="submit" name="changemode" value="Skift til sorterings mode" />


<!-- Start of passtru values -->

<!-- Start of Hidden Values -->

<input type="hidden" name="sortering" value="" />

<input type="hidden" name="links" value="1" />

<!-- End of passtru values -->

As you can see - the <tr></tr> is really annoying :(
I have tried to found a solution, but no good :(

And here is the php code I use:

$buttons = new ObjectArray("buttons");
$buttons->AddObject(new SubmitButton( $name="changemode",$value=$sub));

$main->AddFormElement(new Hidden("sortering",$_GET["sortering"]));
$main->AddFormElement(new Hidden("links",$_GET["links"]));
print $main->GetFormInTable();

Does you have an solution - or a upgrade?
I have by myself made som small changes, fx <input type=xxx /> (for xhtml validation :)

Sorry about my bad english, hope you will understand it.