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Fantastic Class but I have a couple of questions

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Subject:Fantastic Class but I have a couple...
Summary:I want to exclude the Buy It Now button and empty the cart.
Author:Chris Gamble
Date:2016-06-21 12:02:27


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Picture of Chris Gamble Chris Gamble - 2016-06-21 12:02:27

First of all, thank you for a superb easy class which does pretty much exactly what I need.

I have based my code on the Third Party Cart example.

I have created a cart which is built on my website and then passes multiple items to PayPal for Payment.

When you press my checkout button it runs the code to add items to the GoPayPal items array but then displays a Buy It Now buttom.
Is there a way of remonong this button so that it just forwards the items to PayPal as soon as MY checkout button is pressed.


Is there a way to empty the GoPayPal cart so that I can just rebuild it everytime my cart is displayed. This would then allow me to replace my checkout button and use the GoPayPal Buy It Now button instead.

I am a hobby coder so please allow for my ignorance.

Many thanks.

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